Month: July 2014

Chalkboard Anything

Hey there!

Ahk! it’s been weeks since I lasted updated, doesn’t mean though that I’ve stopped crafting. In fact, I’ve been so busy with crafts in between whatever else is happening in my life. For several weeks I’ve been debating with myself if I should keep posting tutorials alone but then meh– this blog o’mine is about sharing all things crafty whether or not it’s a tutorial. So I shall include everything under the crafty sun that I create and stumble upon. (ooh rhymes!)

Also, I’ve been on the hunt for those white laundry bag things that you can turn into a mini home photo studio and have had no luck. Forgive me for the very amateur home photos, but we shall work with what we have for now. 🙂


So I came across Martha Stewart’s chalkboard paint a couple of months ago and it has been right in front of me on my desk for several months, begging me to be used. I finally did! I got it from Deovir (that store takes my money all the time!). Let me tell you, this is the easiest diy chalkboard I’ve tried. I’ve done the actual make your own chalkboard paint before (reserving that for another post) and it was not as easy as dip your brush in paint and paint away! Here are the tools I used:tools

You wondering what the cup is for? Well, for the paint silly! I didn’t want to use more than what I needed so I transferred the paint on to a disposable cup. If you check out Martha Stewart, they have more colors for the chalk board paint. I like black though because it just goes with anything. As I said, transfer the paint, you will have it to make your own measurement on how much paint to use. I used about half a cup for my box and another half for the second coating.

cupThen on to the painting. You have to put two coats of paint for each project. And as directed in the packaging’s instructions, you will need to wait one hour for the first coat of paint to dry up before applying the next coat. You might notice that when you do your first coat, the paint does not completely cover the surface (especially mine had a glossy surface), but don’t fret! That’s the reason why we need to do two coats of paint.

first coat (more…)