Easy DIY Foam Stamp

Making your own stamp is one of the most fun things ever! It really brings out your creativity and can even be therapeutic. There are many ways to make your own stamp, you can carve it from rubber, eraser, use cork or even craft foam. The last bit, I find, is the easiest even for the absolute beginner. The material itself is also readily available in school supply stores. Let me show you what a breeze it is to make! cork stamp

There are only five tools you’re going to need to create your stamp, a craft foam, scissors, pencil, double adhesive tape, and a mounting block. I’m using a scrap block I randomly found in my room (you can get these from little furniture shops as they usually have scrap wood that they just throw away). But don’t be limited to wood blocks. Get creative and search your house for any flat surface item you can use to mount your stamp on!


Cut your craft foam to the size of your block to make sure that your stamp will have enough space when you mount it. If you notice, I cut two squares of the craft foam. The material of the foam is thin so you might press too hard on it when you stamp and your design won’t come out. It’s best to stick the two together to make it thicker, this is your first step.


The second step is to decide on the design that you would want to create. If you’re not sure what to draw, search online, there are many inspirations to take from. Mine is just a simple flower with hearts as petals. There are two sides to your craft foam, choose only one side when you draw your design. Craft foams are soft materials that easily dent so it’s best to leave one side clean of markings.


Once you’ve done that, your third step is to cut the design. Do use sharp craft scissors. Again, your material is soft so once you dent it, it will be obvious when you stamp.


Your fifth and final step is to mount it on a flat surface, in my case it’s a wooden block. Take your double adhesive tape and stick it on! Once you’ve done that, you can stamp away!

mountsimple flower stamp

Wasn’t that a breeze to do? You can use your stamp to personalize note cards, linen or textile, and even gift wrappers the list goes on! But don’t limit yourself to just creating foam stamps. You can carve your own, get really creative, plus it’s really not as intimidating as it seems. We’ll do just that on the next one 🙂

hau stamp 1

Let me know how your DIY stamp went! If you have questions, comments or anything, feel free to comment it below. Happy Crafting!



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