Decoupage Bottle

Decoupage (dāko͞oˈpäZH) sounds complicated but is actually such an easy thing to do! Basically it’s making use of a special kind of glue to seal in and glue or varnish a surface where you intend to put a design. I especially enjoy this craft because there is so much you can do with it. For example, redesigning recycled bottles.
glass bottles
This craft used to be very challenging for me because I’d have to order online to get my glue or make it myself. But today, Mod Podge and other types of special glue are now available in the market like Deovir and Gourdo’s. Hooray! In terms of materials you can use different kinds of things to stick on to absolutely anything (as long as it’s not too porous). I’m not kidding, you can decoupage your house if you want to. (ooh, there’s a thought!) But for this craft I’ll be using a more modest material–recycled glass bottle.

If you are anything like me, you probably hoard glassware, including bottles. I started hoarding my stash last year, from mayonnaise bottles to salad dressing bottles, and beverage bottles. And these are perfect for storing anything. I’m just not appreciative of how plain it is so it’s time to spruce ’em up.
supplies 1
First order of business, if you’re using a recycled bottle, do clean it first with soap and water and let it dry. (I already did that here) I’m using Martha Stewart‘s decoupage glue and sealer for this craft (it’s my first time to try it so let’s see how it goes). A little brush, table napkin with a floral design, and scissors to cut out the design.
After cutting it out, make sure to only have 1-ply of the table napkin with the design (take out the rest). Brush two to three coats of the glue on the surface of the bottle then position the design on it (this is if you’re using Mod Podge, with Martha Stewart one generous coat is enough). Gently rub the design using the brush in case there are bubbles trapped inside the tissue paper. Then brush another two to three coats of the glue and let it sit overnight. Click on this link if you need more detailed instructions.
Tada! That’s how simple it is.
You can also try this craft using your own design by printing it out on tissue or japanese paper. Or you can washi tape ’em! (I’ll have a separate post for that ) I do recommend using Martha Stewart’s decoupage glue because it comes with its own brush and application was such a breeze. If you have questions, comments or anything at all, let me know below or shoot me an email.
Happy crafting!-Kq


    1. hi baelor30! You can decoupage your spare bottle with tissue or textile, you can even draw a pattern on it, or better yet why not try washi tape? 🙂 Let me know how it goes!

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