Chalkboard Anything

Hey there!

Ahk! it’s been weeks since I lasted updated, doesn’t mean though that I’ve stopped crafting. In fact, I’ve been so busy with crafts in between whatever else is happening in my life. For several weeks I’ve been debating with myself if I should keep posting tutorials alone but then meh– this blog o’mine is about sharing all things crafty whether or not it’s a tutorial.¬†So I shall include everything under the crafty sun that I create and stumble upon. (ooh rhymes!)

Also, I’ve been on the hunt for those white laundry bag things that you can turn into a mini home photo studio and have had no luck. Forgive me for the very amateur home photos, but we shall work with what we have for now. ūüôā


So I came across Martha Stewart’s chalkboard paint a couple of months ago and it has been right in front of me on my desk for several months, begging me to be used. I finally did! I got it¬†from Deovir (that store takes my money all the time!). Let me tell you, this is the easiest diy chalkboard I’ve tried. I’ve done the actual make your own chalkboard paint before (reserving that for another post) and it was not as easy as dip your brush in paint and paint away! Here are the tools I used:tools

You wondering what the cup is for? Well, for the paint silly! I didn’t want to use more than what I needed so I transferred the paint on to a disposable cup. If you check out Martha Stewart, they have more colors for the chalk board paint. I like black though because it just goes with anything. As I said, transfer the paint, you will have it to make your own measurement on how much paint to use. I used about half a cup for my box and another half for the second coating.

cupThen on to the painting. You have to put two coats of paint for each project. And as directed in the packaging’s instructions, you will need to wait one hour for the first coat of paint to dry up before applying the next coat. You might notice that when you do your first coat, the paint does not completely cover the surface (especially mine had a glossy surface), but don’t fret! That’s the reason why we need to do two coats of paint.

first coat (more…)

Father’s Day Re-purposed Gift

It’s Father’s Day and I made a little sumthin’ sumthin’! I’m playing with faux leather just because. I haven’t really fully explored the art of leather crafting but it has been on my mind for some time. Aside from not being able to find a source for quality leather yet, I am still very much involved with paper and eraser-carving. So this really is just a preview of the possibilities with leather! (click on the link if you want to learn about leather)



Now, why am I calling this a re-purposed project? Well, ‘coz I did just that. I took an old phone pouch, which I used only once, cleaned it up and turned it into something new!


The before pic was my phone pouch then I turned it into a toothpick holder (of course the photo is not to size, it’s much smaller than that). The gift receiver happens to be obsessed with toothpick and he’s always in need of it, even when he’s not eating. I thought a toothpick holder you can insert in your wallet or keep in your pocket would be a perfect gift! I used these tools. (more…)

Easy DIY Foam Stamp

Making your own stamp is one of the most fun things ever! It really brings out your creativity and can even be therapeutic. There are many ways to make your own stamp, you can carve it from rubber, eraser, use cork or even craft foam. The last bit, I find, is the easiest even for the absolute beginner. The material itself is also readily available in school supply stores. Let me show you what a breeze it is to make! cork stamp

There are only five tools you’re going to need to create your stamp, a craft foam, scissors, pencil, double adhesive tape, and a mounting block. I’m using a scrap block I randomly found in my room (you can get these from little furniture shops as they usually have scrap wood that they just throw away). But don’t be limited to wood blocks. Get creative and search your house for any flat surface item you can use to mount your stamp on!



Two-Way Kirigami

What I love about kirigami is how it can be easy to do but can also be as complicated as you want it to be. I will be showing you two methods of doing kirigami, one involves paper folding and scissors, the other requires patterns and a craft knife. I prefer the latter because it allows me more options for pattern design. But the first one is perfect for making snowflakes!

snowflakes on etsyOn to the first method. I used an origami paper I got from Daiso, scissors, and a pencil. You can follow this¬†link¬†for an easy diagram of folding your origami paper. Once you’ve done that, take your pencil and draw just about any pattern you like. Keep in mind that when you cut, those lines you created have to be interconnected so that when you open up your paper it’ll form a chain.

supplies 1 (more…)

Decoupage Bottle

Decoupage¬†(dńĀkoÕěoňąp√§ZH) sounds complicated but is actually such an easy thing to do! Basically it’s making use of a special kind of glue to seal in and glue or varnish a surface where you intend to put a design. I especially enjoy this craft because there is so much you can do with it. For example, redesigning recycled bottles.
glass bottles
This craft used to be very challenging for me because I’d have to order online to get my glue or make it myself. But today, Mod Podge and other types of special glue are now available in the market like Deovir and Gourdo’s. Hooray! In terms of materials you can use different kinds of things to stick on to absolutely anything (as long as it’s not too porous). I’m not kidding, you can decoupage your house if you want to. (ooh, there’s a thought!) But for this craft I’ll be using a more modest material–recycled glass bottle.


Functional Origami

I love origami!¬†It amuses me that such a simple act as paper folding can create something mind-blowing. I’m of course referring to those origami masters who¬†take paper, fold it, and bring it to another dimension, making us simpletons feel rather simple. If you’ve been researching what¬†you can do with origami then you know that it is not only to create paper animals to amuse little kids or things you can hang on to a mobile or to pass time in case you’re bored in a meeting or in chemistry (although that’s practically what I use it for ;p).

Here, let me first intimidate you with this awesome art I found on etsy.

3d Origami Jewellery Box (big)

So yah, we are not going to do that. Like I said origami can be turned into something mind-blowing but¬†you don’t have to be an expert to do that. What we are going to do is something simpler but still as functional and flexible enough so you can create your own design.¬†Let me first show you ze end product of my little project.